Objectives and Target Audience

The aim of this workshop is to discuss challenges involved in integrating and coordinating seismological observations at the seafloor and on land; addressing both the technological, organisational and interpretational aspects. Specifically, this workshop aims at promoting common strategies to deploy seismological instrumentation, organise its data management and interpretation, from temporary and permanent stations, for both seafloor and land-based observatories in the European-Mediterranean area and its sea and ocean surroundings.

The meeting provides an opportunity to follow-up on the discussions of the NERIES-ESONET OBS-Marine seismology Workshop that took place in Paris on February 2010, and is also a forum to discuss a joint EPOS-EMSO vision for the future of sea-floor observatories.

The workshop targets a mixed audience of i) observatory operators and data centre specialists, ii) technology developers and iii) data users. While addressing all the broader aspects of seismological observatory practice, it will focus on the challenges raised by the expansion of seismographic coverage on the seafloor to these groups.

The program will consist of selected keynote lecturers, presentations, posters and few demonstrations. We expect keynote lectures on:

  • State-of-the-art BB ocean bottom seismometry;

  • Challenges in integrating seafloor data and traditional land-based waveform data;

  • Addressing the challenges of integrated analysis of both seafloor and onshore data in different applications, e.g., early warning, regional studies on margins, global seismology.


On behalf of Instituto de Meteorologia, Instituto Dom Luis, Instituto Superior Tecnico and ORFEUS, we cordially invite you to participate in the ORFEUS Observatory Coordination Workshop in Lisbon, from May 25 to 28.

João Fonseca (LOC Chair)     Torild vanEck (ORFEUS Secretary General)